Some of Lisa’s Favorite Restaurants in Cayman

Some of these restaurants you may have visited and some you may not have, but they have certainly become favorites of mine and once you can get back on the island you should try them all, especially if you haven’t experienced them before. I have only listed a few but over the coming months I will add on other great dining experiences and places that I feel are worth the mention.

These restaurants have bursts of delicious tempting choices and are moderately priced. Prosecco, (my favorite) beer, wine, martinis (another favorite) and fruit punches. I have become quite an expert at sampling these, that’s for sure! But Prosecco seems to compliment every lunch and or dinner I have.

Coconut Joe’s Bar & Grill – Located directly on the Seven Mile Beach Strip and right across from the Marriott Hotel. This fun local spot was really a good surprise and everything was delicious. It doesn’t get a lot of hype or people talking about it, but it was well worth the visit. Sit outside and enjoy great service. If you can’t find something on their lunch or dinner menu to totally satisfy any cravings you may have then you probably aren’t that hungry. Price point is low to moderate and we left happy and quite satisfied with our choices. I would recommend this spot for a drop in lunch (like we did) or a reasonably priced breakfast or fun dinner. Maybe you just want to have something cold at their outside bar which is friendly and fun.  

Casanova By The Sea – This is another personal favorite. Right on the water and very close to George Town with a front row view of the harbor and boats. Choose from inside or outside dining. Open for lunch and dinner daily and what a beautiful view of the most tranquil ocean while sipping on a Prosecco. The waiters are some of the friendliest on the island, fast service and if you are celebrating a birthday, Casanova’s is the place to go. Conch fritters are a favorite and some of best Bruschetta on island, pizzas are freshly made to order, all pasta is homemade and everything you order is filled with bursts of flavors from around the world. Tony and his crew welcome you like old family friends and every time you visit them, it’s like coming back home.   

Peppers Bar & Grill – Another great restaurant also on Seven Mile Beach is an easy hop, skip and jump away. Busses run right by it, an easy taxi ride or if you rent a car, a 5-minute drive. Lunches are great and there are lots of “must haves” on their menu. The jerk chicken is tasty, juicy and tender but not too spicy.  Of course, you can always add more pepper if you wish. Prosecco is icy cold and service is great too. A busy spot with lots of local dishes so you may want to try something new every time you go. Moderately priced, local bands during the week in the evenings for live entertainment. A hot spot not to be missed!

Lobster Pot – You’ll love the food and breathtaking views of the George Town Harbor. We have eaten inside for our lunch experiences and outside for our dinner experiences. Outside offers a nice deck area with umbrellas to shade you from the sun while still enjoying that million-dollar view. Evening dining in my opinion has to be outside with the stars twinkling and the moon shining and the faint sound of the ocean hitting the shore, it’s breathtaking. Whether you choose inside or outside, the view is remarkable. Quiet, relaxing, great service and Lobster Mango Salad wins every single time with me. Tender morsels of fresh Caribbean Lobster gently tossed with local mango to provide an addictive flavor and experience. Jackie, our server has always been attentive and enhances the dining experience. I start with the fresh, warm bread and (you know it, a glass of icy cold Prosecco). Lobster Pot rates as one of the most memorable experiences from the time you arrive all throughout your meal. It’s now one of my “regular” spots to dine! Lunch or Dinner always beckons me to come back again and again.

Last, but certainly not least, I will finish off with CIMBCO Cafe – We have been there for breakfast, lunch & dinner and found that the service and food quality is always consistently great. Pizzas are handmade and baked in their brick oven; jerk chicken is tasty but fiery so if you like spice it’s a perfect choice. Delicious local foods, Indian foods or just a burger if you prefer. I think we have had just about everything on their menu. They have specials for each day of the week, so be sure and enquire as to what the delicious choices are for the day you go. They offer delivery too, which makes it very easy to dine-out. Moderate pricing with a flair of local, down-home cooking. Great for families, so be sure to take yours. It’s our weekly go to and must do. 

I could go on and on with my reviews and details of the dining experiences and enjoyment. Any time you have a question regarding where to go, what to order or how to get there, just let me know.   

From hidden tucked away spots, to 5-Star Dining, Grand Cayman has so many choices and so many options that I am sure you will find the perfect fit for your next dining experience.  

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Bon Appetit!

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